at CWTheaters Lincoln Mall 16

Have you ever dreamed of a VIP private screening for you and those you love? Enjoy a safe, private movie experience at an affordable price at CWTheaters!


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Celebrate the return of CWTheaters' big-screen experience with a Family & Friends Private Screening! CWTheaters Lincoln Mall 16 is making that dream affordable and accessible. For a limited time, you and up to 20 of your closest family, friends or coworkers can experience a private screening FOR AS LITTLE AS $200.

Choose from any of our currently playing films, CW Rewind Cinema or enjoy playing video games on the big screen! We can also book special film requests, depending on the studio, but please give three days notice so as not incur extra fees.

The theater will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival so that all you need to do is enjoy the show. Enjoy the magic of moviegoing without all the worry of the crowds at CWTheaters today!

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